Welcome to my little corner of the universe.

I am D.C. Ballard.

Author. Tabletop Game Master.

Husband. Father. Pet Papa.

Certified and Proud Mega-Nerd. 

I write Sci-Fi/Sci-Fan, and Sci-Fi Erotica.

Any NSFW posts will be clearly marked, and any of the NAUGHTY stuff will be after the fold.


Here in this blog I will share with you, oh weary wanderer of the Internets, some of my creative endeavors.

There will be at least two ongoing, if not always regularly updated, stories. I will also post the occasional teaser and snippet from my other work, including published, and not yet published work.

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Beep Beep

Beep… Beep… Beep…. The little probe drifting through space, out beyond the galaxy from which its creators were birthed. Its sensors and...


Immortality… Blessing or Curse? In my experience.., it is a bit of both. But now. Now the equation is changing. There is no magic, though...

Prophecy Fulfilled

The changes happened gradually, over years, and thus we learned that the Mayans had been right. It just wasn’t a fast or sudden thing,...


Jack stood on the bridge of the first S-Drive ship ever built. It was really an experimental ship, driven by an untested technology. If...