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Frydai's Log 10

One of the nearest, and also one of the few that doesn't appear to support life.

One of the only moons that do not appear to be living worlds unto itself was up as morning dawned. I am so used to it, and yet, now that I understand more of this system, I see the same wonder as Kel. He is convinced that the entire system is artificial, and as insane as that sounds to me. I have looked over his logs, looked over the data, and I find myself agreeing with his conclusions. What I now understand about how things work, unless physics here is far different than what Kel's home universe was like, there are few alternative explanations. Once morning arose, we moved equipment down to the large staging area that Hearl and his team laid down. We have some buildings to put up. Collapsible structures that Kel and I printed over the long night that will provide us shelter and work space. Setting all that up took us about a day, a waking cycle. It seemed odd to me as a kit that we called it a waking and sleep cycle. How we couldn't stay up the whole actual day, but no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't. I understand why now. We didn't evolve here. So our bodies, our brains, are not wired for the weird and beautiful cycles of day and night on this world. Even the terminology makes more sense as I look over the scans of the ship and reports of our explorations. We're deep into the ship now and will be accessing both the main security and maintenance sections of the ship. Both branch off of the bridge and command crew quarters. What no one knows but Kel, Hearl, and myself, as well as a select few others, is that we found bodies in the command crew quarters. Desiccated remains of the Lead Command Officer, based on the uniform, and several other officers. It is the same rank that Kel now holds. All but two of them had their implants. Those have been retrieved and packaged up to be sent back to the village for data integrity review and to be spun up later when we get back. The bodies were moved into one of the minor staterooms and the room sealed. The others don't need to see the bodies, at least until we get word back from the elders on what we are to do with the bodies, and perhaps consult with the spun up minds of the inhabitants. The hope is that when we get into the main medical section, it will have better systems and be able to maybe even clone up some bodies for those that want them. I know Kel could do that, and I know he's been hesitant to offer that. I understand his concern and reluctance. I in fact mirror his reluctance, which is why I haven't brought it up. In more entertaining news. The fact that Kel and Merd are together became very apparent a few days ago. We had just gotten into the command deck and powered up the main computer systems. With the access Yelt was able to take and then pass along to us, he was down right ecstatic. In fact, when the data started streaming in, showing that there was little to no data integrity issues, he scooped Merd up in his arms and kissed her passionately. Her pleasured giggles echoing in the silence that the display brought on the others as they watched was funny unto itself. It was sweet, I have to say, and I may have allowed myself to be effected by it. Hearl was not expecting the kiss I brought to him, not that he complained either. Lets just say that some sleeping arrangements changed that evening, and overall moral improved greatly. The following trip back to the village of the shuttle took several members of the team back, with them and several more on the return trip. My friend, Fret, retrieved his mate, who is a fantastic cook and the addition of which has improved meals significantly. I'd always suspected that Fret preferred certain company, but they always kept quite and I never pried. It was their business. I'm just glad that they found someone that puts such a smile on their muzzle. Depressurizing the next two sections is nearly done and we should be entering by the next wake cycle just as it finishes up. If we can get the generators in the Maintenance section up and running, things will progress much faster. I just hope the elders come to a conclusion about what to do with the bodies. Though I expect that part of that answer will be determined by if the person in question has an implant or not.

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