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Frydai's Log 7

View of the sunset from one of the drone's I have been operating to locate a secondary Tide shelter peak, a second Sanctuary.

I saw Kel putting in a log entry and realized I hadn't done one in months myself. It is so easy to get caught up in what is going on and forget to do that. Yet I always feel better and more secure about things after I do it. It really helps me get my thoughts in order and process what has been going on, and there has been a lot as of late. We have spun up several more ancients, and got some really great information out of them. One of which, Yelt, I expect we will interact with a lot. We've already had him spun up at least three times, and will have him spun up and in control of a small remote soon. Only taking him offline when we need to spin up another of the ancients. He will be especially helpful when we are exploring the crashed ship my ancestors arrived here on. That's right, with Yelt's assistance and knowledge, we were able to locate the crash site and will be taking the Module, which is now fully flight capable, to explore it. That is simply amazing really. I think back on how things have changed in the last few years. From Kel taking me on as his ward after what happened, my resentment of him and how I have gotten past that. The preparations at Sanctuary, which include a landing pad for the module and shuttle, the starting of the Peak's bridge and building protective walls around the village to help shield it from the wind during the storms. That the village is being moved to a new section of the primary peak. There is also the plans to locate an alternative to Sanctuary, in case the tide projections exceed the levels we have seen in the past. Something we haven't seen in the estimates yet, but always better to have a plan than having the entire village squeezed into the module and praying that we can find shelter. Though I have also asked Kel about shield generators and he seemed quite taken aback by the question. It was as if he hadn't even thought about it. I suppose it'll leave him with something to consider. That would require power, and a lot of it, a fusion plant probably. But if we can do it, than we could even, potentially, stay here in the main village as well. That'd be something though, months spent with the crush of thousands of meters of water over your head, and the only thing saving you is a thin layer of energy. Maybe that's why he didn't think about it. I'll talk to him about it more. We also now have some limited contact with the other modules. From what I understand, they are damaged, but intact, and not overly far from each other. After the trip to investigate the Throughkelt, we will be using the module, now that it is fully flight capable, and going to the moon to see what the true situation is, and see if the rest of Kel's family is alive there. The Elders will be selecting a crew to go with us, and Clar and Hearl, and even Merd have agreed to go as well, as long as it is the module we are taking, and not the shuttle. The shuttle will be with us, but attached to the module on the airlock at the top. We'll be altering it's configuration so that it can be used as a life raft. Kel has even gotten some additional communication from the family member that ran off. Based on what Kel said, they are doing well, but do not plan on coming back.

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