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Log Entry 239-1

One of the auxiliary power units in Maintenance. It is an advanced polymorphic fusion unit and actually more advanced than what the Viteză Furie has.

It has been great, having Merd here with me. We've talked and... I am going to ask her to officially join me as my mate. I'm working out some combination of my old cultural processes, the Lou'orth ones, and just what feels right for the both of us, given that we are separate species. She is not worried about having offspring, she has five already and they're off and have their own family. The Lou'orth, at least the ones of the village, don't maintain the familial ties the way my people did once they move onto their own adulthood. They still maintain contact, acknowledge each other, but it's more informal. As for things at the Throughkelt, we're done with the Maintenance section. All the power generators are online and running. They're an advanced form of fusion, similar to what the Viteză Furie has, but on a larger scale. It is a much larger ship after all. With that done, we have moved into the Security section and with the generators running, supplemented by the ones we have brought in, full power to all sections is ready to be restored as we go. Security has proven informative. The weapons are mostly non-lethals, but there are some that are very much lethal as well. They're advanced, but actually less so than what I have access to. Just basic advanced slug-throwers and some lower-powered energy weapons such as pulsed lasers. No Ion-pulse weapons, plasma weapons, etc... Blades are sharp to be sure, but not the laser augmented mono-edged type that I have. That said, going back to their fusion plants. They are actually more advanced than the ones that were installed in the Viteză Furie. Given that, I've downloaded the plans and will be building replacement units for the module. We'll keep the existing ones as backups and switch over to these new units. That'll take a few months to accomplish however. Security has expanded our view into all the other sections of the ship, and is how the ships pressurization was accomplished. The camera coverage has confirmed that in the crew quarters sections as well as other living sections, we have about seventy five bodies visible. Medical has five, Engineering has twelve. With access to the systems that created the pressurization, we can now use that same system to drain off the pressure. Accessing each section will now take significantly less time. As a matter of fact, we'll have medical depressurized and ready for filter change inside the hour. Something significant in Medical, is what appears to be power to some systems. Specifically to some units that look like AutoDocs, and they appear to be occupied. I don't want to get my hopes up, but it is possible that, like mine, they might be doing stand in work for cryogenic chambers. If so, we might have a few survivors from the time of the crash that won't need cloned bodies. That's going to make for some interesting, and possibly awkward, conversations.

Frydai and I have both downloaded all the language files from the main computer so we should be able to talk without needing to set up a translation. We get away with it with Yelt and the others from that time because they're being spun up in a virtual environment and the language is just passed through. You mean a word that you know represents X, the system just passes the word through and we hear our word for X. It helps that Frydai's peoples language hasn't deviated as much as it could have. Given what we now know of the state of the crystal infestation of the ship. We now have crews brought in to dig out all of the engines and thrusters. Once that is done, the crystal will be cleared away and we'll be ready to power up the mains in Engineering. With maintenance up and running under full power, we now also have maintenance bots to help out with filter changing and going through all the conduits and such to repair connections. This includes in sections we haven't even opened yet. I expect that, by the time we get done in Medical, the rest of the ship, internally, will be fully repaired.

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