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Log Entry 237-1

View of the corridor of the Maintenance section just past the bulkhead door. Pressure almost equalized.

We found a number of bodies, all essentially mummified, in the command crew quarters section, which is attached to the bridge and security. It didn't show on the maintenance and security scans. We found that section once we explored beyond the bridge, computer room, and other ancillary rooms.

A dozen bodies, ten of which had implants. We think we now have implants for the Executive Officer or Lead Secondary Command Officer, essentially the role I have in the Lou'orth structure. There were also two backup Secondary Command Officers. The Lead worked as the Captain or Primary Command Officers backup, should they be incapacitated and held slightly higher rank than the other two Secondary Officers. There was also a group of Tertiary officers. The command structure worked much as I was trained, but had some nuances that I am still learning. I rather like it. After an impromptu display of public affection between Merd and I, Frydai took the initiative and surprised Hearl with one of his own. This resulted in several members of the team returning to the village to retrieve their own mates. We've added a few new members, some new skill sets, and I think we're better for it. The food has gotten better since Frydai's friend, Fret's mate, Mer, joined us. Moral has improved as well, which will help with things going forward. The ten implants we found went back to the village for Clar to do her analysis on. Once that is done, Frydai and I will have to find some time to spin up the various people and have conversations with them. We've talked to the rest of the those found in the cave. Those that had viable data sets, or whose were repairable. All but Yelt wanted to be converted into the general data stream, and so that is what we will do, once we are in a place for that. We're trying to identify all the bodies, but we will need the medical section to do that effectively. Once we do, we should be able to dig up final wishes on most of them, even without spinning up those with implants. Which is probably best, if they didn't want to be spun up but just put into the data stream. Until then, the bodies that we have found were placed in one of the cabins and then sealed in. We'll do the same with the others. The Elders decision on what to do is in agreement with my recommendations. If we can identify the person and their wishes, then we will take that action. If they have an implant that we are able to spin up, and they lack other instructions, we will do that to determine their wishes. If neither is possible, then the body will be transplanted back to the village for cremation as if they were an elder themselves. I think that is reasonable. After that, as these were spacers like myself, their remains will be loaded onto a rocket and sent off into the abyss. I will point the rocket at the scar. It'll take a few centuries to get there, but they will maybe find their way home. On less somber notes. The depressurization of Maintenance and Security will be finished in about two hours. We'll be going into Maintenance first. Just Frydai, Yelt, and I. We're going to try and start the generators, but there is risk there, and Frydai, Yelt, and I are the only ones to whom any radiation leaks are not going to kill outright. Everything we have seen so far suggests that there aren't any, but the three of us agree that it isn't worth the risk. On a personal note. The relationship between Merd and I has taken yet more steps. I do find that I love her, and it is clear that she loves me. That she is not going to live centuries like me was a pain for some time. She just wants to cherish the time she has with me, and I do as well with her. But I admit to not wanting to lose her either. Perhaps because she is truly the first relationship I have actually had. Yes, I had some friends back on my home world. Even a few that I shared pleasures with. Yet... That was all it was. The sharing of pleasure, physical intimacy, but there was never anything emotional associated with it. Garrethik and Yeeter was the closest to that, and even with them, it was never more then very close friends with a comforting extra when we needed it. So with Merd, finding myself with a true emotional attachment, seeing the future laid out before me... It's hard to accept, but I love her enough to accept her decision. We talk about it every so often. I've even cried in front of her. Something she didn't know how to respond to. Her people don't show sadness the same way, and tears are not something they shed due to emotion. It's funny, almost. I didn't realize it the first time, but it clicked. They way they cry is so different, and yet fitting. Once I recognized it, we were able to comfort each other. Still, she has accepted medical treatments and is in the best health of her life, but that's all she will accept. Implants, and other actual life extending treatments, she refuses. It tears at me, and yet I will not force things on her either. That would be a betrayal. When I look to the future. I know it is going to hurt so much when I lose her finally, but I couldn't live with myself if I betrayed her trust like that.

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