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Log Entry 238-1

Pic taken inside one of the maintenance access tubes for the generators in the maintenance section.

First thing. No bodies int the Maintenance section, which is good. We have the section powered up with our generators so we can take stock and get a proper analysis of the power generators directly from their own consoles. Replacement of filters for air processing are in progress and we should be able to operate, well everyone but Frydai and I, without breathing assistance in another day or so. Yelt and I are overseeing the power systems review, while Frydai works with anther crew to fix any connections they can and start up things like the maintenance bot printer, as well as reviewing the maintenance system readouts. This thankfully includes the engines and such. We can see the crystal encrusting them, but with few exceptions, it hasn't invaded the internal workings of the engines the way it did on the module. It almost seems as if the Lou'orth knew somethings about the crystal, at least enough to know to minimize the attempts to use their engines so that they didn't become encrusted as happened with the modules. It'll probably be a week before we can try powering up one of the generators. It has been centuries, so Yelt and I are doing maintenance on them as well, before bringing them up. We want to give ourselves the best chance of them working we can. Our next stop will be Security, which is also depressurized, though only thing happening there is filter change out. The rest of the exploration and accessing of systems will wait until after we are done in Maintenance. Yelt, Frydai and I did a quick sweep of that section for bodies. Only four, and those are stashed in a second stateroom in the command quarters off the bridge. Implants set aside to be taken back for review on the next shuttle run. Next stop after Security. Medical. We're going to need those facilities to help identify bodies. Also hoping that they will have better systems to work on the data degradation issues of the implants. If they do, I expect Clar will be here on the next supply run to put that to use, and probably improve it with what she has already learned. We'll also see if the ability to clone up bodies is there. At that point, I'll probably have to take a trip back to the elders with Yelt and Frydai to discuss that ability and the bringing back of those who would wish to be. Having knowledgeable crew would be very useful. Though I'm not sure how they will react to having an alien as a Lead Secondary Command Officer, or the Primary Command Officer being someone not trained for the job directly, but from a primitive tribe of their descendants on this world. I know Frydai knows I could do the cloning myself, and I'm pretty sure that he knows my concerns as to why I haven't brought it up. Then again, he hasn't either, which I suspect means he understands and agrees with my concerns. Time will tell though, especially once we access Medical in a few weeks. That is however, things to deal with later. I expect that the facilities here on the ship would be much more up to the task, and better suited for the process than my AutoDoc. As for the maintenance work on the generators, with the exception of a few actual repairs needed, Yelt and I have not needed to do much more than simple scrubbing, tightening, and such. It is a testament to the quality of the work that built the Throughkelt. Despite all the centuries of sitting, things are in excellent condition. I truly hope that this continues to be the case. Once we free the ship of crystal, and of course get the main power systems up and running, we should be able to move it without a problem. That will be something, for sure. We will park it near the village and set up a rail system to get things to and from. Then there is the preparations for a parking space near Sanctuary. At least these are the plans that are going through my head. The ship is large enough that it'll likely end up with the nose on one peak and the tail on the other. That, or slightly underwater, parked on the large ledge about ten meters below the typical waterline. Either works, and we can dig some simple tunnels down to and then over to the ship where flexible airlocks could be set up. Just some ideas. However, we have to finish bringing the ship back to life, ridding it of the crystal, and dealing with the bodies and their final wishes, before we start in on such things.

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