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  • D.C. Ballard

Log Entry 240-1

Sunset near the village, one of the nearer, living worlds, just after coming up. It looks so close, yet that's because of it's size.

Medical has been nothing if not full of revelations. As such, I had to travel back to the village and consult with the other elders. I needed to do that as part of my intent towards Merd anyway; Medical just made it need to happen sooner. As I suspected. The AutoDoc's were doing stand in work for cryo-units. four of fifteen failed, which leaves 11 fully operational and with survivors in each. These AutoDoc's are nearly as advanced as mine. Now we are looking at needing to revive eleven survivors. What they find when they wake up is going to be quite the shock I expect. The council has given me the green light with my plans. Now, despite the fact that we have discussed it, I don't actually know if Merd will agree. This is a big step after all. I do love her though, so that has to count for something, doesn't it? When I get back, we will be thawing the highest ranking person we have, the chief medical officer, actually. This is per the Council's decision. They'll also have the access to the needed databases to hopefully ID and determine the disposition of those we have found with implants. They should also have the needed authority to initiate clone body growth if needed. After that, we'll thaw the rest of them. Scans from outside the units show them all to be in good condition, considering how long they have been in cryo. We've run diagnostics on all the units, repaired the ones that failed, and just need to start the process. I will be returning to the Throughkelt in the morning. Tonight I'm left with my own thoughts and not much else to do. I am feeling a bit adrift with everything, which seems funny to me. Yet, back home, I was never one to maintain long term interaction with anyone. That was one of the reasons I was chosen. I do really well alone or with only a few other incidental persons. Since the crash, I have had no time to just be alone. Meeting, eating, and then befriending the Lou'orth. Taking on Frydai as my ward. Now to be taking an actual mate... I am not complaining mind you. I just am not quite used to it. Even after all this time. I think it has just all caught up with me, and the fact that taking Merd as my mate means that I'm going to have to watch her die at some point. It is kinda freaking me out a bit. I am scared. I want to help Frydai's people reclaim what they have lost. I worry that these survivors will look down on their descendants. I know, based on Yelt, that isn't going to be the case, but I still think about it. The eleven include the Doc, two medical technicians, three senior engineers, two of which are tertiary command officers, two senior security personnel, and three military persons. Yeah, they have weapons, so they'll be disarmed before they can wake up enough to put them to use. It's going to be a thing. Waking everyone up. Letting them know what happened, learning from them, and that we only know bits and pieces. I can only hope that they will fall under Frydai, Yelt, and my command, once we authenticate ourselves. If not, things may be more difficult. Digging out of the thrusters, engines, etc... and clearing them of crystal is well underway at this point. We have three teams working in shifts. Once cleared, we'll unleash the maintenance bots on them. At that point, it'll be time to bring the main power core online. It is a massive thing. Fusion taken to a whole new level, combined with what appears to be a ZPM type power tap. It's interesting tech, but that's what I can tell from Maintenance. We'll get a better read on that once we move from medical to Engineering. That will happen after we have thawed out all the survivors and have a system in place to ID bodies, determine wishes, and take the needed steps. These Auto-docs can definitely do the needed cloning Well. Staring out over the ocean isn't helping clear my head of worries. Funny though. If Merd were here with me, I don't think I would have the worries I do. I can just tell that having her with me would tamp down my fears and worries. I need to get back to her, but I have to wait, because I have the shuttle and they are still loading up the supplies to be taken back to the Throughkelt. So I guess I'm going to go sleep in my bed in the house, without Merd. Never thought sleeping without another person in my bed would be hard. Go figure. I guess even I can change.

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