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Frydai's Log 9

The intact walls of one of the buildings from the settlements that surround the Throughkelt crash site.

The crater is most definitely the caldera of an ancient volcano. I'll have to have Geel look at the data when we get back to the village. They're the one with a knack for geology, but it probably hasn't been active in a thousand tides, or more, and is definitely dormant if not dead. I spent the time while we were waiting for Hearl's team to create the road, and for morning, doing survey's of the rest of the crater and surrounding area. I have found dozens of settlement of an age that match up with the crash timeline. I was also able to determine the direction the ship came in at. It clipped the outer ring, smashing through it and slid to a halt up against the side of the caldera. It really dug in, because the residue of the event is still visible, once you know where to look. I got pictures from one of the buildings. It is clearly built for people my size, and still mostly exposed, if only the walls still actually intact. I've assigned drones to scan and 3D model all the structures that are still visible on the surface. If the Throughkelt is salvageable, I can see us having a constant presence here while we free the ship of crystal. There is a great spot to land it near the village. The only question being, what we would do during the tides. Then I remember that it is a colony ship, and not one of the cryo-sleep ships that Kel said his people used on their first colony efforts. Yelt said we did the same thing. There is space for thousands of my people on the ship. According to Yelt, there are, depending on how we choose to reconfigure the ship, between 5000 and 12000 possible staterooms, along with massive cargo bays and holds. I don't know if everyone in the village would want to move onto the ship, but some would, and seek to explore this system we are in. The complete Viteză Furie would easily fit in one of the holds converted to a hangar. Assuming the other modules are intact. We think they might be, but until we get to the near moon, that is mostly speculation. There is so much to learn here The buildings I am seeing are fascinating. Nothing like what my people currently build, but more like what Kel builds. Structures that are reinforced, some made of the local stone that was obviously cut and shaped into blocks for building, or built from a concrete they made from the local materials. I hope we can find actual artifacts. Maybe the mind-tapes of more ancients. I want to know more about who my people were and who I hope we can become again.

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