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Hello and welcome to my site, my little corner of the inter-tubes.


I am an author of Science-Fiction/Science-Fantasy, and SciFi Erotica.

As a writer, I am what is called in the author world, a Pantster. What is a Pantster? That is someone who writes by the seat of their pants. There is no planning, no outlines, and I rarely know what is going to happen next or where the story will end until I get there. I am more the stenographer for my characters, recording their lives, thoughts, and those things they choose to share with me, that I might share it with you.

Here on, you will find descriptions of my currently released work, upcoming items, and links to where you can find samples, as well as where to buy. Which is kinda the point, right? So please, look around, poke the corners, just not too hard, and enjoy your stay.


While you are here, don't forget to check out the Scribblings blog, where you will find my Log Entries fiction series, as well as other pieces of ongoing and bite-sized fiction, short stand alone pieces, and my general musings and scribblings.

I do hope you enjoy my work, and the stories the characters allow me to share with you.

Now available at most popular online retailers. See the links below to be taken to where you can purchase it, or search your preferred vendor. Print available through Amazon.
Link in the cover image takes you to the sample chapters on

The Chronicles of Ascension series

The Chaos Fountain.


A Science Fantasy story introducing Kyle Durlow as narrator and guide to the vast and fantastic Universe of The Chronicles of Ascension.

A chance encounter on the streets of San Diego rockets Kyle into a world where titans of industry have business meetings with gods, and he is dragged along for the ride.

Quickly learning that not only are we not alone in the universe, but it is a far larger, more dangerous, weird, and wonderful place than even our worst nightmares dare consider. Kyle is set, like it or not, on a path where his choices will alter the direction of not just his own life, but the destiny of the Earth, Humanity, and the very Universe itself.


He finds love, adventure, new friends, death defying escapes, world shattering revelations about ancient universe spanning wars lost to forgotten histories, and a job unlike anything he could have imagined.


Presented with the opportunity to stay in this world where any world, even time itself could be at his fingertips. Kyle grabs the chance, and he is still not certain if that is the right decision.

Get your copy today at the links below.

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