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(Jen and other BackRoom stories have been taken off-line while they are worked on and will be re-posted at a later time.)

The Back Room


An Anthology of stories about the connections made between the most unlikely partners, and the bonds of family formed by choice and circumstance instead of blood.


18+ Only. Do not read if you are offended by or have issues with sex and strong language. This story contains strong language and graphic depictions of sex between consenting adults. M/F, M/M, and groups.

Jen the Jackalope -


The story of Jen the Jackalope and her journey from repression and hyper-conservative, to free and accepting of herself. All started by overhearing the conversation of a coworker. The time and location, whispered lewdly in her ear, taking on a life of it's own in her mind, even driving her to do something, that on the surface was against her will. But was it really?

The Destruction of the Righteous Fire

A Chronicles of Ascension Short Story

If you have read Chaos Fountain, and ever wondered what happened to the Righteous Fire, this is then you answer. This story actually predates the writing of Chaos Fountain, and is one of the earliest stories I ever wrote.

The story of the end of the Righteous Fire as the RF and her crew fly far beyond the boundaries of the Phoenix Fire Empire to seek out and destroy the rebels, led by Tory Phoenix. Sadly for them, Tory knew they were coming, even planned for it. Will the RF survive or will the trap laid by Tory be too much for even the Righteous Fire, flagship of the Phoenix Fire Empire, to take.

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Antimatter Xmas

A Short story

This is something that just occurred to me one day over the 2017 holiday.

The story of a man who gives himself a gift for Christmas, his own freedom. Kidnapped and forced to work off the books for a CIA or other shadowy government agent, creating technologies that the people he works for barely understand, he plans out and executes his escape, ensuring in the process that those that did this to him can never do it to anyone else.

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