I am a Husband, Father, and Pet-Papa (2 cats, 1 Min-pin). As a writer, I work mostly at night while my wife sleeps; writing, editing, building covers for my work, websites to help promote my work, and interacting with other authors online.

I have worked jobs from McDonald's in High School to IT Professional currently. I served 6 years in the US Navy as a welder and pipe-fitter. Spending several of those years over seas. After the Navy, I worked as a Pipe-fitter and Industrial Construction welder until an injury drove me to seek other, less hazardous, employment.

I landed in a Call Center environment, where I met my wife. We had our one and only child just as I changed jobs. After many years working in Call Center type positions, I decided that I didn't want to live at the whim of a call center existence, went back to school for IT, and have done that since.

During all that time I wrote, though never pulling out a coherent or complete story. Lots of ideas, but nothing complete. Then one day, muse struck almost violently. I realized that all the various ideas I'd scribbled in notepads, all the story bits I had written; they were all related, all part of the same larger universe. With that realization, I was, with the blessing and infinite tolerance of my wife to late nights and lack of sleep, able to complete the first complete draft of what became The Chaos Fountain.

For me, the writing experience, and my relationship with my Muse and Characters is an interesting. My best description of Muse, unlike the gentle breeze of inspiration I hear other writers and artists describe, is that of a mountain of a man who likes to hide around corners with a spiked baseball bat and swing for the fences with my brain as the ball, when I walk into view.

My view into the Chronicles of Ascension Universe, which is where all my stories take place, even if they never come into contact, is much like looking through a window. A window, that over time, as you look through it, gets larger, cleaner, clearer, and merges with other windows you didn't realize were part of the same Universe.

Interviews & Mentions

I have done a few interviews now, and those can be found at the links (Buttons) below. These were great fun to do, with other Indie authors, and have even helped me better describe my self and my work. They have lots of other interviews up as well that you should check out and check out those other authors too. I will of course add to this as more mentions and interviews happen.