On this page you will find art created for, inspired by, or that helped inspire my novels and stories

A fantastic image from an fantastic artist.


Squid was a joy and pleasure to work with to create this image and I just simply love it. They were responsive and tolerated my requests for little tweaks and changes, despite being on nearly the other side of the planet.

Though as a cover it turned out to not be able to generate the clicks, I will cherish it always as the first piece of art that depicts Tory, Kyle, Markus, and Jarvis.

Since Squid also provided me the line art. I have included the line art in the back of the print version. I just love this image too much to leave it out completely.

Artist: Squid Watling | |

Some additional, 'alternative' covers that I worked on. Lots of great options here, but soon I hope that the one I have chosen to go with will have that almost mystical thing called "StopClick." The ability to get someone to stop scrolling and click.

Cover attempt 1

Images being used, or that have been used, for marketing and promotion