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Frydai's Log 6

A picture I took from the logs from when I was flying the shuttle. We were out over the mountains and valley's near Sancturary.

I got to fly the shuttle some during the test flight. That was thrilling to the extreme. Despite my work with the simulator, there is so much to pay attention to. Yes, the computer does a lot, but you just cannot assume it is going to get it all right. Still... What a rush! I'm the first member of my species to do such a thing in centuries. Merd was along for the ride as well, and I'm not sure how she felt about it. Flying like that really is so far out of our experience now, being a bit scared by it is rational. Even then, a healthy fear that keeps you alert and paying attention is good. There is a lot that can go wrong. Still, she seemed calmed by how calm Kel was, so that helped I think. We flew out over the water, picked up some altitude, and then flew back inland. We flew over the Sanctuary and got a good look at the other side of the mountain. It is a sheer cliff, though Kel saw some things they want to investigate. Mineral and metal veins in the stone. Did a quick survey of the second peak as well. I think Kel wants to build a proper bridge between the two peaks. There is certainly places to set up the foundations and do so, as long as we do it before the next Tide. The back side of the peak provides some better protected spots to set up equipment and a place to land the shuttle. Kel is really thinking ahead and considering being here when the next tide happens. I feel that is good. I know I hope to be. Though, it also makes me realize that, with the upgrades I have accepted, much like Kel them self, I will outlives my mates. They are both discussing taking a few more implants in order to improve their ability to do their jobs, interface with the modules systems, etc... None of those implants are like the deeper modifications I have had done. Meaning that I will outlive them, and everyone else I know, just as Kel will outlive Merd. It makes me wonder if that wasn't one of the reasons Kel was reluctant to meet someone. I have time, as they do, in order to get used to the idea. It is still something on my mind, and I expect on Kel's as well. I'll need to talk to Kel about it. Perhaps they have some insight. We will be going into the virtual environment with the next ancient. We are all hoping that this one is intact after all the data recover and repair work done on it. Clar has as much invested in as anyone. She is the one that did all the detailed data recovery and repair work. She wrote the programs that scanned the Ancients data and identified what may need to be repaired.

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