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Log Entry 228-1

A wonderful view with all of the nearer stars down, giving us a beautiful night and two of the nearest moons up. I look up at the nearest in this picture and wonder if the others survived their landing there.

It has been several months since I last dropped a log. So much has happened and it just hasn't occurred to me. As always, data logging, auto-logging and such happen. Merd and I have been having a wonderful time and enjoy each other a great deal. That we are physically compatible helps, though I was prepared to go into the doc for some modifications. I really have found that I love her. Not something I expected, and that also hurts because I know that she won't go into the doc to extend her life the way Frydai has. Then again, Frydai has Clar and Hearl, and while both are undergoing some upgrades, none are the life extension stuff. They'll live longer, but not like he and I will. We talked about that, Frydai and I. It was an important conversation for the both of us. We have both decided that we will enjoy our mates for as long as we can, because we can do nothing else, and we will not force them into our status. Nor, are we willing to hurt them the way it would if we were to reject them for our own feelings. They love us too, and that would hurt them. It isn't a secret, the differences in our lifespans, and it never was. So they come into it knowing that we will outlive them, and we know that we will. It is a thread that hurts, yet makes us both hold onto our mates all that much tighter. We have spun up four more ancient Lou'orth now, and Clar's data recovery and repair work has proven successful in three of the four instances. The fourth crystal had a flaw in it. It shattered when put under the strain of a full spin up. We thankfully got a near full backup of the data before hand. That was Clar's idea. We don't have the crystals to upload that data set back into, but we are able to pull information out of it, and will store it until we figure out an alternative. We're actually backing up all the crystals now, deleting only one, because the person requested that. We arranged for them to interact with the other tribal elders in a virtual video call. They told us what they could and were very helpful, but then asked that they be shut down, their backup deleted, and their crystal destroyed. It was done in a solemn funeral like ceremony. The bones of that person were retrieved from the tomb and placed on a pyre. Their crystal smashed and the dust sprinkled into the flames. They were very gracious and adept in the ways of VR environments, taking their memories into a data set that we were able to store, while removing the parts that were them. They were happy that their ancestors were still alive and thankful to me that I was helping them reclaim what had been lost. The other two were helpful in their own ways. One was a senior lieutenant on the ship, in engineering. He and I spoke for weeks of VR time, going over technical items, engineering, power systems, drive systems. They were actually more advanced than my people, generally. They did have a new drive that sounds very much like the ARC drive that CT created. The information he was able to provide has proven to be endlessly useful in better mapping out things. He stated that they also had a special, radioactive beacon that meant the ship could be located even without power. It was something embedded in the actual structure of the ship. He helped us design a detector and it'll go up on a satellite launch in another week. On another note, he asked if we were able to clone new bodies for them as he would happily join the tribe and help rebuild. That's going to be something Frydai and I need to discuss again in more detail. Until then we are just telling them that it isn't possible at this time. His name is Yelt, and I expect we will be spinning him up in VR many times. The other person was a female named Ulest. She was a colony leader and geneticist. I have spent nearly as much time talking to her as I did Yelt, though on different subjects. She is glad that there are members of her species that survived and hopes to be able to help them lift themselves up, with my help. She doesn't want to be spun up again, but instead converted to a knowledge repository that all the Lou'orth can tap into via their implants. Not something we know how to do, nor did Yelt when we asked. He said it was a common thing for early stage colonist to do that, as they rarely had the tech needed to grow new bodies in the early stages, or it was in very limited supply. The idea makes sense, but we will need more information or tech to be able to do that. I can see it having a major impact on them as a culture, being able to tap into the experience and knowledge of generations past as you approach problems, helping to shape your approach to things, knowing what was tried before. It explains a lot about the ancient Lou'orth as a people, and why the elders are so obsessed with preserving the knowledge and experience of every member that they can. This idea presented by Ulest is just one such extension of that. I really hope that we are able to find their ship using that radioactive tracker. So long as they haven't been here more than 50,000 years, we should be able to pick it up easily. In other news, we have finished clearing all vents, ports, and thrusters of crystal. After that, we built a proper landing pad, with Hearl's engineering know how, and moved the module. A landing pad has also been cut on the second peak near Sanctuary, just not finished yet. We've turned our attention to the bridge build, using the raw material removed from the landing pad to help start building it. By the time we're done, the top of both peaks will be completely remade and connected with that bridge. We have not flown the module, and I was building a proper bridge control and seating in one of the unused staterooms. Then Clar found something in the code, deep and hidden, like so many other things left behind by CT. Almost as if he was expecting the situation, which unto itself is concerning. After some work, she was able to activate it, and we now have a proper bridge that we can deploy when needed. More than that, it activated some additional systems and we were able to make some data connections to the other modules. They are damaged, but intact. Unfortunately that is all we can tell at this time. Waiting on more information and a location from the satellite now that it is in orbit around that moon. I have sent a blast communication out to Edix letting him know. I hope he will return so we can go find out together. Though we will be able to take the module, not just the shuttle, which is good. It means that Clar, Hearl, and Merd can come with, as well as a few others. I'll be discussing that plan with the Elders at our next meeting.

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