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Log Entry 229-1

We located the crash site where the ship the Lou'orth came to this world on. The brilliant point is the sensor overlay from the detection of the radioactive tracer.

Only a week after launch, and the satellite picked up the Lou'orth ship crash site! The signal was still strong, and according to Yelt, who helped analyze the data set, there is no question. Not only that, but he recognized the area of the crash. We'll be taking a trip out there in a few weeks, once the Elders select a crew to go with us, using the module. Yelt explained that their drives and such became encrusted in crystals just like mine did, coming out of the ARC point. They weren't going as fast, but every maneuvering burn they did, cause the crystals to take over more. So they saved their maneuvering for the last moment, putting the ship down as softly as they could, which wasn't. It wasn't that they couldn't repair the ship, it was the crystal. I didn't have the heart to tell him that all he had to do was hit it. Then he told me that one of his junior guys did just that, but no one in command would listen to either of them. I kind of feel bad, because they had a solution and didn't take it because no one would listen. Frydai and I have discussed it, and while we're not yet comfortable cloning up a new body, we are willing to give Yelt access to a remote while he is spun up. We've also considered building him a cyber body of sorts. However, the complexity we would have to achieve to give him a reasonable level of function is on the edge of our abilities. It would actually be easier to have the doc clone him a body. We may end up doing that yet. We have ten more people to spin up, once Clar is done with her data work, and the crystals are checked for flaws and damage, as well as full backups done. Should be doing that shortly after we get back from the crash site. Already flown a drone over it. It is mostly covered in silt and such from the various tides since the crash. We'll have a better feel for how intact it is once we get there. Though, with the crystal there, I don't plan on landing too close. They had seen the satellite launches, but to see the entire module lift off and move around really amazed everyone, especially the elders. It really gave some extra credence to some of the things we have discussed in our meetings. Our last meeting was almost consumed by their amazement of it, then the revelation that we think we have found the crash site. That really shocked them. I have worked up some genetic cultures from all of the ancestors, both as preparation for the cloning of bodies, if we get there, and that Yelt has advised that some of the locks on the ship were genetically encoded. He has the authority to unlock a lot of stuff, but not all of it. Some of the command systems of the Throughkelt, the name of the ship, may be locked out to us until he can convince the computer that he's the ranking officer. We've confirmed that none of the others are command rank. It they were, we'd wait until we got to talk to them. There three more that were general ships crew, and the rest are colonists. We're just lucky that he has some command codes and if the systems are sufficiently intact, will be able to take command of the ship. Edix fired a burst transmission back to me. Let me know he is doing well, that he won't be returning at this time, having found a home of his own, as I have. He waits eagerly to know if the rest of the family survived, or at least what happened. I replied back that I miss him, that I am happy for him, and when he is ready, to come visit, or now that we have the shuttle and module flying, to invite me and my family to visit. He replied back that he would. I am just happy that he is doing well and is still alive.

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