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Log Entry 230-1

An image of the Lou'orth Home worlds two moons, taken from the memory of Yelt, the Lou'orth ancient.

Only a few more days and we'll be making the trip to the Throughkelt. All the preparations are ready, supplies loaded, the crew selected. Frydai is coming of course, as are Hearl, Clar, and Merd. I'm very glad Merd is coming. I was actually finding it hard to leave her here, alone. We had a long talk, and with some assurances, and the fact that so many are going, she agreed to come to. Her natural instinct for archaeology will be useful. She didn't like the idea of me flying off without her either. The crew includes four of the new soldier class, and a dozen workers to help us dig and anything else that is needed. Yelt will have a new drone printed by then, it's in the printer now. He's currently using one of the little ones that Frydai used while he was undergoing his last set of upgrades. His insights have proven very helpful. He wasn't happy with the idea at first, but given that we only have one of him, we need to keep him safe. There is the slightest delay in the signal built in to ensure that the automated systems can prevent him from being hit by any kind of weird feedback from the aged systems of the Throughkelt. Still, Clar has an active, time stamped, archiving routine going, that will allow us to reboot Yelt back to a state prior to any possible damage. Apparently it feels weird to him, but as with the delay, he agreed to it. I'm pretty sure he is hoping the cloning systems of the ship are intact. The elders have truly loved interacting with Yelt as well. His stories of the trip here, what their home world was like, and even getting to see his memories of it. The picture I used for this entry is taken from Yelt's memories of his home world. It was a beautiful place. Advanced like my original home world, maybe even a bit more, but also better at being stewards of their world than we were. My planet was over populated, polluted, and barely hanging on, with mass extinctions of all other species. The Lou'orth were creating arcologies, building culture, new science for knowledge sake, etc... The collapsed entire cities into into a few small kilometers of interconnected buildings that rose thousands of meters into the skies. Those buildings each having a kilometer wide base, full of open air parks, industries, and everything you need. Cities that climbed into the skies. My world had talked about that, but it was always too hard, too expensive, and other excuses. The result being a world on the brink of no longer being able to support the life it had given birth to. Which was why we were spreading out and colonizing other worlds. Even then, it was driven not to preserve the species, but to preserve the money and power of those that ran my world. The Lou'orth really were more advanced then my people in that vein. Then again, if it wasn't for the pursuit of profit, I would never have been selected for the Vietza Furie mission to begin with. I had no one, was someone with no prospects, and no future beyond the menial jobs I could get, despite the education I had. I look forward to seeing the ship as well. Yelts memories of it are very interesting. We've used them to create a map, which will help us as we explore the ship, and so we can get to where we need to get to quickly. We really do need to take over the ships command systems, assuming they're working. Otherwise Clar is going to have to do some heroic hacking of the Throughkelt's systems.

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