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Log Entry 231-1

A photo pulled from the Memory of the Lou'orth ancient, Yelt. A sunset he saw just before leaving his world and the two moons in conjunction.

Another shot taken from Yelt's memories. An interesting world. They had lots and lots of lakes, a few that were big enough that I'd have called them seas, and just rivers everywhere. Yet, they didn't have much in the way of mountains, not like here, or on my world; it was mostly grassland and forests for the Lou'orth. A very different world to evolve on.

Yelt says that they had a few other species that were also sentient like them, but they died off. Yelt didn't sound to proud of it, so I suspect that there was a war, or worse, associated with it. I'll ask Frydai to ask about it. I think Yelt might feel I would judge his people harshly. I wouldn't. My people have no room to talk with what we did to our world. We launch in the morning. All the supplies are on board, the new drone for Yelt has been printed and tested. He likes having the ability to manipulate things. It's just some simple manipulator functionality, patterned after the Lou'orth hand structure. The drone and the manipulator arms are all Frydai's work. Another reason to be proud of him and the person he is becoming. Everyone is on board and sleeping arrangements figured out. Actually have been for two days. They have learned how to use the kitchen, entertainment, and with supervision, the printers with a selection of tools if needed. Though we already have digging tools from shovels to a powered excavation tool that we can attache to the larger rover we also printed. We're going to be landing several kilometres from the ship, as a precaution. Last thing I want to deal with is that damn crystal getting a hold of the module again and stranding us there. As such, we printed the larger rover. It can carry eight plus a really large trailer with benches attached at the front and all the tools and equipment anchored to the back. The first few days are just going to be about exploring the crash site and evaluating the condition of the wreck. Frydai will be flying over it with the shuttle and it's more advanced scanners, as well as Hearl and a team using some ground sensing methods to determine which of the four best possible entrances designated by Yelt, we will try digging for first. We have brought some explosives too, but I really hope we don't have to use them. If the ship is still relatively intact, I want to be able to free it. It is not a small craft after all. It was nearly four kilometres long and three quarters wide at it's widest. Which means more crystal, but we know how to get rid of it. The Viteză Furie could rest comfortably in one of the cargo holds. So yeah, I have thought about that. I'm recording this as Merd sleeps on my chest. It hurts me that I am going to outlive her, but at the same time, I am just so absolutely joyous that I get to have the time with her that I do. Perhaps it is the fact that I will outlive her, that makes me love and cherish her so much. We have talked about it, and while she is interested in the medical care that everyone in the village is now getting, which is going to lengthen their lives to what their ancestors had, with the cloning and mind-tapes, which is what they called them. She also doesn't want any more than just the medical care. I respect that. No Cloning. No Mind-tape. No DNA remapping, and no end-cap stacking, etc... I could be so easily selfish and apply both to her without her knowing, but I would know. I would know, and have to lie. I can't do that. Out entire relationship is based on complete and full transparency. Being from such different species and experience, it has to be. Yes, there are things I haven't told her, but I've been alive, to me, for 3800 standard years now. There is a lot I have been through, seen, and done. I tell her whenever something comes up.

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