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Log Entry 232-1

A picture Frydai took of me looking down on the Throughkelt. So similar to a photo he took of me several months ago.

Frydai took this picture of me. Such a beautiful sunset. I was looking down on the actual crash site in a depression just beyond the ridge I am standing on. The trip to the location was uneventful. The crew as I have started calling them were amazed as they watched out the view ports and the screens. Frydai and I flying from the fully functional pilot suite. It might have been a smooth ride, but it was a long distance. We're now nearly 15,000 kilometres from the village, and yet, this is still in what one could call the same timezone. The difference in when we see the sun fully set to when the village does is a matter of about 1.8288629 seconds. This world is truly massive. The fact that the distance results in not even a full two second difference between when the sensors on the module record sunset and the monitors back at the village and Sanctuary do, just amplifies the point. This world just cannot be natural. Physics is the same in almost every area, accept that gravitational distortion that completely wrecked the AI's. Clar is convinced that she will be able to fix them some day. She studies the code of Mel, the AI. I see her shaking her head in frustration after each dive into Mel's code. I'm sure it is just to corrupted, but maybe she will figure it out. She managed to figure out how to fix the data of the Ancient Lou'orth. We took out time getting here, knowing that we had a long night ahead of us. Landed just a few hours before sunset. Beautiful as always, and we spend those hours setting up monitoring and surveillance. We've got camera's and sensors pointed down at the Throughkelt as well as in all directions around the module. Frydai also took the shuttle up to plan the route we will take down to the Throughkelt. Hearl and his team have already started carving a road to the path down that Frydai determined, while Yelt and Clar did their best to look over the scans and try to ping the Throughkelt's computer systems using Yelt's codes. No response yet, but the sensors that would pick that up and respond are deep under the silt and mud that currently encases the ship almost entirely. Once we get to work when the next sun rises, we will see if we can pick up any power signatures, at all, from the ship. There is a lot to do, though we have the supplies to keep at it for a month, and can always send the shuttle back for more and to trade out personnel, if needed. We still have the structures back at the village to investigate too. There has clearly been a few, and I think a few different, civilizations that grew up on this world. I still also need to make contact with the people of the crater. We know there are Lou'orth and at least four or five other species there. So much to investigate. Still have to get to the nearest moon as well to locate the rest of the Viteză Furie. Anyway. Time to rest. It is going to be busy, and I have to help Merd relax, though I'm convinced it is just an excuse to get me to massage her.

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