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Log Entry 233-1

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Dawn approaches. Not actually a star, but one of the many world-moons shining with the reflected light of one of the nearer stars.

We got a lot of work done over this long night and some amazing observations of the system as well. Having all the stars in the system on the far side of the world really was amazing. This system seems to be alone, much like the void systems and constructs back where I came from. It is lost out in the blackness and there is little that can be seen. Any particular distant speck of light I choose to point a telescope at turns out to be yet a new world of this system to add to the list. Even found additional stars to this system. Meaning, not all the stars are on the far side. It's insane how large this system is, and that just makes me more convinced that it is a construct, just like the void systems and the actual constructs like the speaker. Some of these stars are actually light years away with worlds orbiting them as they orbit this world. With the extra long night, I was able to track their motion and plot their paths, and those stars, just like everything else, orbits this world. It boggles the mind really. The mountains we are in are a mix of jagged geological uplift and volcano's caused by that action; though we have not detected any seismic activity and the volcanoes seem all dormant in the area, and have been for a very long time. That said, we printed and put out a Seismic sensor net here. Something I think we should probably do back at the village, at Sanctuary, and a few other locations. It might tell us something about the interior of this world. Maybe set off a few seismic charges and get some real readings. That means printed high explosives. Which I don't have a problem doing, but I want to discuss that with Frydai first. I know he's familiar with the concepts, but was a bit disturbed by the ideas of wars and how things like high explosives, which can absolutely be a useful tool, but are also so easily twisted for other purposes. I don't have the heart to admit to him that I could print a nuclear warhead and an antimatter warhead, if needed. I'm going to have to have that discussion at some point, but this is not the right time. Thing is, after speaking with Yelt at length, I know that while the Lou'orth were not the warlike species mine were, or perhaps still are. I still wonder about some of the encounters I had out there. Yelt did admit that his world had more than one sentient species on it, once, but his was the only survivor. He didn't come out and say it, but I got the impression that it is a sore spot or an embarrassing point for them. I totally get that, and I think he felt more comfortable discussing that with me than Frydai who is clearly innocent of and unaware of his species past. Sadly, part of this is going to be that Frydai and the rest of the Lou'orth are going to have to confront what their species was as part of deciding what they want to be now. Over the long night Hearl and his teams laid down a road from our landing site to the crash site. They also created a large area where we can set up equipment, work areas, a living area, etc... We have drones running security circuits around the site and the rest of the mountain.

Frydai's deep scans of the wreck and the area show a concentration of the crystal, with pockets around where Yelt suggested maneuvering and landing thrusters would be. We just cannot see the actual underside of the ship. However. It seems to be intact, based on the scans. With that work area, we moved a generator and equipment down there, as well as some pop-up housing for the crews so we don't have to come all the way back up to the ship. We have set up artificial lighting and begun drilling and digging. We're now only a bare meter from the hull in several places, right where airlock's should be. Once dawn comes, we'll be digging through that last bit and make contact with the hull directly. With my paranoia about the crystal, and that we know hitting it with high-energy laser's causes it to grow, we are keeping up with the scans. Dawn is now actually only a few hours away, now that I think about it. I am going to get some sleep before the real work begins. They have also drilled down to and around the area of the sensors and transmitters. It's hard to say if the issue is a lack of power, maybe internal damage to the ship, or something else, but we're not getting any response from the ship. Merd wants us to set up a remote transceiver set first. It is currently printing and I'm agreeable to that. Frydai and I will do that while Hearl and his crew finish digging the last meter to the ships hull.

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