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Log Entry 234-1

Rising near moons, the smallest and nearest so far seen. A red colored Lichen with possible medicinal properties in the foreground.

Morning came and showed us just how bleak this region is. In the crater there is plenty of life, survivors of the plants the Lou'orth farmed after the crash. The native life is a bit hardier, and less obvious, but it is still there. We have taken samples of various lichen and similar life forms. A few that seem similar to the one we found near the village, giving possible medicinal possibilities. That is not however what we are here for. Still, as stark as it is, the rise of some of the less life-obvious worlds, looking more like moons, was awesome. Funny, we didn't have these two mapped yet. They're the smallest yet recorded, and though they do have atmospheres, they appear to be pretty dead. They're also closer than anything we've detected so far. The nearest one is nearly skimming the atmosphere. It is only 50,000 kilometres from the surface, and is truly tiny. The sensors picked up what may be a tendril of atmosphere snaking up to that world, which would explain why something so small has an atmosphere. As for the ship. Frydai and I set up the communications suite requested by Merd. We are now, using it, able to pick up some small signals, but nothing more than keep alive pings, and the ship is still not responding from that. Time will tell what the issue is, if any, or if it is just taking the ships systems time to realize that they are picking things up. Yelt isn't sure himself either. The digging crews finished their work and revealed the airlock. We found that it was without power. Unfortunately, the one in question doesn't have manual overrides, but it does have external power connectors. We had anticipated that as a possibility, so we already had portable power units ready, but not with the connections needed. That only took about an hour to print and another hour to fit to the units. Once that was ready, we hooked it up to the ports and opened the outer lock door. The airlock was held in hard vacuum. A good thing it was Frydai and I doing this part of the work, the lock is not small, so there was a short hurricane once the door cracked open. Once we were in, the teams, with Yelt's direction, secured it and hooked up the power unit to the next station. There we were able to power up the airlock itself and get some readings from the interior of the ship in immediate vicinity. Unlike the airlock, the inside of the ship is in a positive pressure state of three times the atmospheric pressure. We're sure this was done deliberately to ensure leaks were dealt with accordingly. Each section of the ship is sealed off at the main bulkheads. So this is going to be some slow going. We brought down a generator and hooked it into that section, powered it up and were able to get full readings on it. We're near the bridge, but it is in one of the next section. This one is an ancillary section that includes some maintenance, secondary engineering, security, and some living quarters. All of which works in our favor. We're almost done bleeding off the excess pressure so we can open the inner doors. The airlock itself is again very large, with dozens of suiting stations, equipment, etc... All of which is being cataloged and checked. We've confirmed at least two of the suites are compromised beyond repair, but with parts from those, were able to identify three more that could be repaired and made fully functional. As these are purpose built for the Lou'orth, they will be very useful in the future I suspect. Especially when we make the expedition to the crash site of the rest of the ship.

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