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Welcome to my little corner of the universe.

I am D.C. Ballard.

Author. Tabletop Game Master.

Husband. Father. Pet Papa.

Certified and Proud Mega-Nerd. 

I write Sci-Fi/Sci-Fan, and Sci-Fi Erotica.

Any NSFW posts will be clearly marked, and any of the NAUGHTY stuff will be after the fold.


Here in this blog I will share with you, oh weary wanderer of the Internets, some of my creative endeavors.

There will be at least two ongoing, if not always regularly updated, stories. I will also post the occasional teaser and snippet from my other work, including published, and not yet published work.

>> All Content is © D.C.Ballard 2019 <<

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Log Entry 235-1

The nearest moons, and the first ones that seem lifeless. Also, the smaller one truly is the smallest, actual moon sized.

With the inner doors open to the airlock, Yelt giving us the needed overrides so both inner and outer doors could be open, we began searching this first section. We've identified the access to three more sections. This first one is surprisingly large, much larger than I expected. It covers ten decks and about a third of the depth to the center line of the ship. That said, it also meant we needed to bring in a much larger generator to power the entire things and ensure the maintenance sections will have enough power. The nice thing is, that maintenance section has connections to the entirety of the rest of the ship. As long as we can give it enough power, it can remotely power any still functioning sensors, cameras, etc... Because the section in question also contains one of three brigs, and the corresponding security systems. All of which, can again, so long as they are functioning, be powered from that section. We're currently moving smaller Generators into place for both so that the sections have all the power they need. Still, we have finished clearing and checking out the section. No bodies were found, though there was some blood located in one of the living compartments. No clue what that means, and again no bodies. Could have been from the crash for all we know and it was never cleaned up. Some personal effects were located and a small infirmary as well in the back of the main part of the section. It was clearly just meant to address minor cuts, scraps, etc... that a maintenance working much need patched up before going back out on the job. The main medical facility is, per Yelt, in the core body of the ship. Before deciding on our next move, we're going to wait until the security and maintenance areas are powered up, and a full ship-wide sweep is done. At that point, we will decide if we should move into the bridge and command section, into the secondary Engineering section; which would also hold the engineering berthing, or the pure berthing section; which would connect us towards main engineering, medical, and more living and recreational areas. Hopefully those scans will give us the strong guidepost we need to determine next steps. I expect, all considers, that we'll go for the Bridge. This is simply because, if we do that, we can, with Yelt's assistance and codes, take full command of the ship. Doing that will give us greater flexibility and ability to interact with the ships systems as we move around and investigate. I know that Frydai still wants to move the ship, if we can clear it of crystal, and park it so that it is useful to us back at the village. It is very much a star-ship as much as the Viteză Furie is. Still, it's going to be at least a day before the local systems of the maintenance and security areas are tested, repaired if needed, and are ready to be put to use. Things appear to be very well preserved, but the systems and circuits are still thousands of years old. Thankfully, as things were sealed, there is surprisingly little dust, and the local air handling systems are working, taking in the fresh air from outside and forcing out the ancient air inside. We've still been careful, using breathing kits due to the still mostly stale air. We did find sets of intact filters and got all those replaced, at least most of them. We'll know for sure once the maintenance systems are running.

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