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Log Entry 236-1

I am beyond ecstatic! It has been a two weeks of hard work, and while we have had some set-backs, there have been some true wins as well. The maintenance monitor systems throughout the ship were degraded, as were the security systems. Not something unexpected given how long things have been sitting. That said, what we were able to access and see was beyond promising. We were able to confirm that the ships structural integrity was not compromised. Camera coverage is spotty, but we were able to get views, at least partial, to much of the rest of the ship. Sadly, some of those views show bodies. I suppose that was inevitable, and I'm glad it was just Yelt, Frydai, and myself that saw those images. It's one of the reasons we're holding off on that main berthing section. All the crew living compartments appear to have bodies. I don't think we're quite ready to deal with those things, at least not until we get through the rest of this process, and we don't need to access those areas yet. Maintenance did however give us the needed information to finish fixing up the current section, including a few filters we missed, where to repair some connections to the rest of the ship, etc… With that, we opted to access the Bridge section. Like the one we're currently in, it was in a positive pressure state. That took a day to drain off, and maintenance quickly led us to the needed filter replacements and connection repairs. Another generator was brought in, and power to the section was fully restored, shut down due to some overloaded systems, which were fixed, and then power back on again. We accessed the bridge itself and Yelt was able to take command, as well as designating Frydai and myself as command officers. Actually turned over command to Frydai with himself and me as Secondary command officers. It is a different setup that I'm used to, but basically Frydai is ships captain, but Yelt and I have equal authority unless overridden by Frydai, but can together override him. It's an interesting dynamic. There are supposed to be three secondary command officers, and when there are, it takes all three to override the captain, and two of them to override the third. Which means that Yelt and I cannot override each other without adding that third command officer. We'll have to pick someone at some point, as well as a few alternatives. With the bridge powered up, we were able to access the computer systems and power up the holo-displays and other systems. We now have as much control over the ship as we can, and as we add additional sections of the ship and reconnect them to the bridge control, that control of the ship will expand. With the bridge added, a lot of additional maintenance and security came into our control, and that has allowed us to connect to the main security and maintenance sections. Those will be our next stops, as both are intact but partially cut off locally. Once we fix that up, things should open up for us quickly. The main maintenance and security sections lay directly under and over the bridge. Security has the armory and main brig, maintenance has some very advanced printing capabilities. That means automated repair bots, and that means an accelerated reclamation of the ship as we access sections and allow the bots to do their thing. Given the bodies in the living quarters and berthing areas, I have sent a message back to the elders, with consultation of Yelt and Frydai. We're waiting on their response on what to do. Though part of that will be based on if we can identify the individuals and what, if any, final requests they had are. Medical will help with that once we have accessed it and it is fully operational. Many of them may even have the storage units and we can ask them directly at some point. The main maintenance section also has power generators that will help supplement what we are providing with our generators. Readings suggest that the main power system was shut down gracefully, so that means, once we get into Engineering, we can bring the ship fully back to life. Those generators in the main maintenance section are meant to be used as backup power, and to jump start the ships mains power generators. Then it'll just be a matter of clearing the ship of crystal. At least, that is what it seems like so far. The holo-display's have also allowed me to observe some of the sights that the ship saw in it's explorations prior to crashing here. It is much as Yelt stated. Their drive is a mirror of the Viteză Furie's Arc Drive. Only, they didn't have the added mass that the Viteză Furie did, which caused me to get so utterly lost in the first place. They were doing well, knew where they were, and knew more about the drive than I did and still do. They did however have a bad experience and ended up in that between space like I did. They fell out of that birth scar with crystal starting to clog their engines, and the rest is history. Some beautiful views though. They found themselves in a system where each world was a distinct type of crystal. Truly amazing sight. An emerald the size of a moon, and the truly amazing sight of a world that appears to be a planet sized amethyst crystal. It even had a breathable atmosphere, with minor filters, and what appeared to be forms of crystalline life. We're uploading the entire data store to the module for further analysis and as a backup. I am hopeful that I can map some of their explorations to mine, and if so, connect our two maps.

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